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What you need to know?

This championship was started in 2005, as a way of helping talented Indians make their way to the coveted World Sudoku Championship. Over the course of the competition in India, beginners and veterans alike are offered a chance to train, practice and hone the skills they’d need to make it to the big leagues! The Times of India will then sponsor four winners to represent India at the World Sudoku Championship 2019, which will be held in Germany.


Practice. Practice. Practice.

Whether you’re a seasoned player, or just getting started, all you need is some practice. So if you want to learn, practice or master the art of Sudoku, the training ground is all yours! Learn to solve Sudokus faster, find out more about various Sudoku-solving strategies and how to improve yourself as a serious Sudoku player.


The Sudoku Wall of Fame

Take your first step towards being the next Sudoku Champion!